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August 2008

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Silly Monkey

xavier_wp1 in wchallenge

Dante Kitty At Large & Other Hairballed Myths

Challenge # 26
Title:  Dante Kitty At Large & Other Hairballed Myths
Author xavier_wp1
Genre: Original Fiction
Notes: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the characters and cats living or dead is purely coincidental.

~The Start~
"I'm not sure if this is how we begin."  I said to Dante.  The black cat stretched under the warm rays of the sun.  A yawn coming from it's tiny mouth.  One eye peeked open and looked up at me then the other.  Slowly Dante rolled over and pushed herself up onto all fours.  Leisurely she walked over to the desk and looked up at me.  I bent down to pick her up and sat her in my lap.  She looked at the computer screen then up to me.

"You're right."  She said, her lazy tone making me want to yawn.  "It's blank.  If you're going to write something you should actually write.  Isn't that how most people start?  Fingers on the keyboard click click sigh?"  She turned her head back towards the computer screen and shook her head.  "It's a bad start so far."

"That's not very nice.  What I meant was I wasn't sure how to begin your tale."  I replied stroking her fur, the purrs rumbling from her nearly making her fall off my lap.

"Don't do anything to my tail you know how sensitive it is.  I don't even like licking it."  She huffed then chewed thoughtfully on my fingers when I'd stopped petting her.

"No not your tail that's attached to your body silly kitty.  Your tale...as in your story.  How you came to be."  I scratched her behind the ears as she settled down on my lap.  Another yawn coming from her as she stretched her front paws in front of herself and curled tucking her head into her stomach. 

"You'll come up with something.  Start at the beginning, get to the middle and come out at the end."  She said closing her eyes.

"But you have ended yet."  I replied looking at the blank screen.

"Well then."  She lifted her head slightly.  "I smell sequels."  She put her head back down again and started to doze.

~The Arrival~

My name is Dante Antonia Bandaras.  Dante for short..  I am a Cat. I was born a cat nearly 10 years ago to a mixed litter.  I was the only black cat out of the lot of my brothers and sisters.  Most were calico, the type that was all sorts of colors of orange and white, there was a few that were gray but I was the only black one.  I was also the runt.  That's what most humans call the littlest one.  I was so small that when I saw my human I only fit into the palm of her hand.  It was love at first sight...even though I couldn't really see that great.  I was only 2 weeks old when I decided that I needed to be out on my own.  Living the great adventure.

So, my human took me from the tower that I lived in and brought me down closer to earth.  That was such a long way.  I was scared the whole time.  Shivering and mewling.  Snuggled against my human I kept yelling.  "Don't drop me!  I'm little!  Don't drop me!"  My human didn't.  She's good like that.  We made it to the place she said we were going to be living in.  WOW!  What an amazing place.  There was so much to explore!

She set me down and the first thing I notice was a smell.  It wasn't bad...but...it was a strange smell, so I started my first adventure in my new house.

~The Smell~
This place was huge.  There was no way I thought I'd be able to find this smell.  I mean, I could walk a few steps and have to stop because it was so vast.  It was like crossing America it was so huge!  But with a little prodding from my human, I continued my journey.  There was this tall wall like thing made of this material that was soft to my paws but cold.  I had no idea what it was, I would later find out that it was called a couch.  But that is another story. 

The smell got more intense as I walked around the really long wall.  I went of forever!  I thought there would be no end to it, but I managed to tip toe to the end of it finally.  I poked my head around the side and...OH GOSH!  It was another kitty!  Only...this one looked bigger.  Not as big as my mom had been but bigger than me.  I heard my human introduce me to the other cat.

"Dante, this is Dinah.  Dinah this is Dante, your new house mate."  My human smiled at me sitting down on the floor.  I liked that she was close by.  I didn't really know this other cat and I wasn't sure what it was going to do.  The cat turned and looked over her shoulder at me.  It's yellow eyes looking at me assessing me.

"You're short."  She said, a hint of disdain in her tone.  She looked at my human.  "She's short.  I've had hairballs bigger than her."

I blinked my eyes then going wide.  "Really?  Is that why you're so fat?"  It should be noted for the record, as I found out moments later that Dinah is not fat.  She is big boned.  I found this out when her tail swished and knocked me over bowling me into my human.  I was dazed as I laid there.  My human picking me up and cradling me in her arms. 

"You're okay little one.  She just takes some getting used to."  My human kissed my head gently and petted me.

"She still smells funny."  I said and took my first stretched out nap in my humans arms.


First: *snickerfits at your note*

Next: You know at first I was thinking, "How is this a children's story?" And then as I read the dialog between the writer and the cat I was reminded of Winnie the Pooh. I say that is a high compliment.

I really like this, I like seeing the world through Dante's eyes, and some of the dialog cracks me up, like "I have hairballs bigger then you"

I do think perhaps the introduction part ought to be written in the third person though, if the real story is in the first person... just a thought.

But most of all, where is the rest? I know Dante does not have an end yet but there must be more! Write it for me, I demand it!
Well it's a childrens story and they're short for children to read *LOL* Thanks for the critic. I'll want to talk to you about help if you will. :)
you know I am always here for that.

and more kitty stories!