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A Virtual Writing Workshop

Writing Challenge
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Writing Challenge!

Who should join?

  • Anyone who likes to write

  • Anyone who likes to roleplay, but wants variety

How this works

Weekly and/or Bi-weekly (meaning every other week), a new challenge will be issued to members. The challenge can be and will be anything from a theme to a character's personality type to a genre.


Challenge 1: Character's first date

For this challenge, members can write any length story about a character's first date. Is it a highschooler on a first date? A woman's first date AFTER her divorce? A man's first after loosing his beloved wife to a terminal illness? The only limitation is your imagination. (Which, of course, is very cliche)

A Note From hackergroupie

Please understand that this community works as a unit to help support and improve each member's writing abilities. This is not a place to join if you only want high praise and cannot stomach constructive criticism. There is no such thing as a writer who cannot improve.

I want people of all writing skills to feel welcome here but, to be frank, if your writing (spelling, puctuation, grammar, etc.) skills are low you should expect to be called on it. I honestly believe this is the only way you can grow as a writer - whether you plan to write fanfiction or novels or simply improve your role-playing story telling.

I want people to have fun - writing should be fun, but if you aren't here to grow fanfiction.net might be a better place for you to share your prose.


  • You must be 16 to join this community

  • You MUST use spellcheck and proper punctuation. A couple typos or spelling errors aren't a big deal, but out of courtesy, pleaSe dont maek you're storie reed like AN therd-greaders work.

  • You do not have to accept each challenge, however, we encourage participation strongly.

  • Every writer I know enjoys feedback. As a member, you should not only be writing your own entries, but commenting on others. Compliments, kind suggestions for improvement are fantastic. Constructive criticism is encouraged - ridicule is not. Members who bash other writers' works will be banned.

  • Do NOT plagerise anyone's work. Stealing other people's hard work is not just wrong but illegal.

  • Original works are encouraged, HOWEVER, fanfiction and slashfiction is allowed but must be clearly marked as such.

  • LJ cuts are mandatory. All works should be in the below format and in their individual posts rather than as a comment:

    Challenge #
    Clean or explicit?
    Genre (eg. original fiction, slash, fanfiction details)
    Warnings (eg. contains graphic violence, contains graphic sex between two men, etc.)
    Notes (any notes you wish to give)

    LJ CUT

  • Please tag your posts with both the challenge # (as the challenge will be tagged) and with the tag "stories by [your name]." This way as this list grows, people can easily read any past challenge posts or any posts a particular author has written.

  • This is NOT a contest community like so many of those icon challenges. The purpose of the community is to practice the skill of writing, to consistently challenge ourselves to write and write well.

  • This community is also not for Works In Progress. All stories posted here MUST have a beginning, a middle and an end. We are not here to beta your novel. If that is what you're seeking, please look elsewhere.

This Week's Challenge

Challenges begin on Monday and will generally end the following Monday. If a challenge is larger than usual, it may continue for 2 weeks.

Challenge #027 Write a story in first person and on-a-plane

Past Challenges

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact hackergroupie at hackergroupie at hotmail dot com. Make sure to put "WChallenge" or "Writing Challenge" in the subject line or it may end up in my spam box unopened. Thanks!

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