All Aboard - - Challenge 27

Challenge #027
Title: The Newest Minority
Author: Hackergroupie aka LWS
Genre: Original Fiction
Warnings: Pretty mild for the most part.
Notes: I played around a bit with fragments and structure in my attempt to have a more "spoken" flow. I'm not sure it really worked. I'm not really a "first person" kind of storyteller. I'd love to hear what does and doesn't work for you when you read this. Just remember, all beliefs expressed in the story are Emily's not my own ;)

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She LIVES!!! and Challenge 27

Wow - talk about quiet. It's totally my fault. I fell off the net for a bit and just couldn't seem to stand back up. Much has happened in the half year plus since this community has been active. Our other lovely mod has gotten married (congratulations!!) and this chick finally got the opportunity to fly first class on an airplane. Okay, not "first" class, but business class and really, not much of a difference between the two. That I know of. ;)

And yeah, sure, riding with the bigwigs on a plane doesn't compare to the bliss that comes with marriage (the bliss that ends abruptly with the squalling of the first child. Joking! Maybe.) but it's all I have!

Speaking of planes (see, I'm actually going somewhere with this), here's our newest challenge. And I'll totally try to behave myself and actually post challenges more than twice a year. Kudos to all of you.

Challenge 27:

Write a first person short story that takes place on a plane.

PS. And please, for the love of all things holy, no "snakes on a plane-esque" style crap stories.
  • it_gurl

The Witch House

Challenge #26 - write a children's story
Clean or explicit? Clean
Title: The Witch House
Author: It_Gurl
Genre (eg. original fiction, slash, fanfiction details): original
Warnings (eg. contains graphic violence, contains graphic sex between two men, etc.)
Notes (any notes you wish to give): I do wish there had been some type of age range given. Regardless, this is the children's story I wish someone had written for me when I was past the age of One Fish Two Fish.

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comic me

Challenge #026

Challenge #26

This week's challenge is to:

Write a children's story!

PS: If any of you have no intention of ever answering a challenge please remove yourself from the membership, by all means continue to watch and have this comm friended still. As for the rest of us, I know life gets in the way, but please try and post something, no matter what challenge. Thanks.
comic me

Challenge #024

Hello Authors, we are sorry it has been a month since the last challenge. Both of the mods have been swamped IRL and took this break to clean some of those things up.

Now for our first challenge back it is going to be a little bit different, this is a NON-fiction challenge so the story structure is going to be a bit different.

Challenge #024: Fandom

Write a Non-Fiction Essay about how a Fandom has effected your life outside of simple entertainment.

Be sure to have a main Thesis running through your essay so a point is easy to see.

Have fun with it, I know I will


Challenge #23: 7 DEADLY SINS
By rawrbree
Original Fiction
Graphic Violence and Mild Language
Notes: This is my first time posting here and I'm probably doing something wrong while posting this so please point it out. I wrote this in three hous, so it's not my best. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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